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SO EXCITED to finally get some of these new songs out! 

Now available on Spotify, check out "Play It Cool." and "Family & Friends (Hurt & Make Up)" from the upcoming JFB record, and share with your friends!

Spring Songs and Shows 

Sooo we've been making strides in and out of the home-studio this winter on a new JFB record! Not sure what format it'll be coming out as, but the tunes are sounding great so far, and I plan to release the single by our next show.

Speaking of, our next show is only a couple weeks away! We have a fantastic bill at Stubb's on Thursday, March 3rd with Carter Beckworth and Jane Ellen Bryant. These are two great Austin talents, and really excited to be playing a show with both of them. We've also got doors a little earlier at 7:30pm, so there's plenty of music to be heard earlier in the evening if you've got an early Friday morning. Pre-Sale tickets are $7, and can be found at: http://bit.ly/1SKPJ8h

We would love to see y'all out at Stubb's!



Fall Entry  

Hey there,

Couldn't be more excited for fall. Mid 60s, 70s and a jacket sounds nice. Been working on some new songs for an upcoming project as well as playing a ton the last few months. Some great shows as well, at the University of Texas, in Dallas, Ft Worth, home in Grapevine. College Station this weekend. As usually, thanks to the peeps who continue coming out to shows and all.

As for the new project, I'll have a more official announcement soon, but it's looking like a studio EP, 5 or so songs. I've been demoing these tunes for the past few weeks and the anticipation is beginning to collect to when I finally get to release them, maybe during Spring '16. 

Anyways, for now, stay tuned and enjoy the breeze.



Spring '15 

Guess I'm due for a blog write. March was pretty excellent. JFB performed a ton. Dallas, Austin, Waco, Norman. We also performed a couple new tunes on some local news stations here in Austin. You can find them in the Videos tab. Really excited about these 2 songs, as well as something brand new I wrote last week. Melodies-a-flowin'. 

I went to the Sturgill Simpson show at Stubb's this week: so incredible. One of the best bands I've seen in a long time. Laur Joamets, guitar is pretty awesome as well. Check them out if you haven't. Also been on the new Beck album for a while. Gary Clark Jr. Also some Pete Yorn throwbacks. Always reminds of being in high-school, and thinking about college. I wonder what that high-school imaginative hypothesis of college was like. Similar to when you envision what a room or event will be like before ever going there. I think that memory is hard to hold on to. The memory of your imagination of the future (now past).. Deep bro..

Also, totally itching for a spontaneous road trip. This will come to life sometime. I'm sure of it.

Until next time, check out the new videos, come to some shows and keep spreading the word of JFB.




Haven't thought much about the new year, or what it means just yet. Happy to get to keep writing and making music. On that note, I’ve written 3 new tunes recently that feel really great, and like the start of something new; collectively what I think my more defined sound is/will be/is becoming. Looking forward to the several shows we have coming up including Stubb’s next week in Austin and back at The Rustic in Dallas at the end of the month. Hoping that the crowds continue to build and the word continues to spread. In the midst of keeping busy, it’s sometimes hard to sit back and ride the wave.  

The holiday’s were eventful the past couple of weeks. Ups and downs and memorable moments, some not so memorable or lost in a few drinks. Been listening to a lot of new music lately too. Mac Demarco, Foxygen, Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde. Check ‘em out if you haven’t, along with 20 Something Runaway of course. It’s cool to know that there’s so much good music out there. Just have to keep an open mind and go searching. Patience also helps. I don’t know how many records I passed over after an initial listen, only to come back and obsess over those same albums a year or two later. It’s almost a feeling of embarrassment to your past self, yet you feel proud that now, you get it.


Coming off the Thanksgiving break I'm feeling reenergized and excited for what's coming. Definitely advantages to long drives and road trips; alone with your thoughts, music, the road. Birmingham and back to Austin was the drives, btw. I feel like I have a new clarity and open-mindedness that wasn't there before. Taking things as they come and riding the wave is becoming easier. Exciting to be writing some new material too.

Two more shows scheduled recently too, including a late December show at The Rustic in Dallas on the 26th. Full band, Friday night. We're really excited, and hopefully get to see some old friends there.




Today is the day. It's been over 2 years of work from songwriting to the album release today, and the biggest project of my life to date. I couldn't be more proud of this record, and the sounds we came up with. The recording experience was fantastic, the songwriting experience was filled with self-discovery, tribulation and triumph, and expresses a lot of feelings and ideas that I'd been trying to lay down for a while of what I think a lot of young people go through trying to figure themselves and their lives out.

Oh, and it's my 25th birthday. Quarter of a century down. So with my newly acquired wisdom, I will let you in on a secret: if you buy the new album, all of your wildest dreams will come true... Well, maybe I can't guarantee that, but I do feel strongly that you will enjoy it!

You can purchase on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/20-something-runaway/id930578479
AND can listen on Spotify here: Jonathan Fox Band – 20 Something Runaway

I really can't stress how much my music means to me, and how appreciative I am of anyone's support out there, whether it means coming to a show, buying the record, or reading this blog. Thank you SO MUCH!

As always, continue to spread the word. PEACE.



Hot Weekend  


J Fox here. Exciting things on the horizon. 

We played our first tailgate of the football season this past Saturday in Austin. Deathly hot it was, but we managed to put out some good tunes and jams in spite of the rays. 

I've also been recording some live cover song performances of some artists who I really dug throughout the creation of the new record. 2 of them are already up on the Jonathan Fox Band YouTube page, and 2 more will be coming soon. 

Speaking of the new record, we will be releasing the single "My Own Drum" to stream this week! I'm so pumped to finally release some of the new record we've been working so hard on. Literally been sitting on these songs for the past 2-3 months, and can't wait to have y'all hear them.

Stay tuned for more.


Entry 1 

Dear you reading this,

Hello. My name's Jonathan, and I write, perform and record music of all styles for all you fine folks. Thanks for visiting the site, it's still being put together, but there's some sweet videos and photos to check out, as well as the new bio referencing the new album, 20Something Runaway. Now hoping to release the record in November! On a more personal note, I actually ate brownies tonight instead of Oreos. Sometimes a change in chocolate is just what the milkman ordered.. 

I've been putting together some video recordings from the studio and plan to compile them into a video to post. Also got some pretty sweet footage driving back from Dallas this past weekend for lyric videos. Took the long route on 281 instead of 35. One hour longer, but much more relaxing and scenic. Sunset was pretty killer too.

Alright. I'm going to go drink a beer, then fiddle some strings between my fingers producing musical sound.

Thanks again for lending me your ears.